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Press photos

We only display reduced »thumbnails« of the images that we provide for editorial purposes for copyright reasons. If you are interested in gaining access to high-resolution, print-ready image data, we would be more than happy to place it at your disposal. In order to access these images, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

  • Image no. 1 01_Aerial_View_Blohm+Voss.jpg
  • Image no. 2 02_BV80_Animation_nacht.jpg
  • Image no. 3 03_BV80_OnWater1.jpg
  • Image no. 4 04_QM2Luft2016-26.jpg
  • Image no. 5 05_QM2Docking-19.jpg
  • Queen Elizabeth docked at Blohm+Voss
    Image no. 6 QE_docked_at-Blohm+Voss15.05.jpg
  • B+V_ZHA_Project_JAZZ_and_Master_Prototype
    Image no. 7 B+V_ZHA_Project_JAZZ_and_Master_Prototype
  • B+V-ZHA_Side_view_128m_Mater_Prototype
    Image no. 8 B+V-ZHA_Side_view_128m_Mater_Prototype
  • B+V_ZHA_128m_Mater_Prototype_Birdseye
    Image no. 9 B+V_ZHA_128m_Mater_Prototype_Birdseye
  • B+V_ZHA_128m_Master_Prototype_Night_View
    Image no. 10 B+V_ZHA_128m_Master_Prototype_Night_View
  • B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Birdseye
    Image no. 11 B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Birdseye
  • B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Front_View
    Image no. 12 B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Front_View
  • B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Close_up
    Image no. 13 B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Close_up
  • B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Owners_ Deck_White_Bedroom
    Image no. 14 B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Owners_ Deck_White_Bedroom
  • B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Owners_ Deck_White_Living_1
    Image no. 15 B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Owners_ Deck_White_Living_1
  • B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Owners_ Deck_White_Living_2
    Image no. 16 B+V_ZHA_90m_Project_JAZZ_Owners_ Deck_White_Living_2
  • 82m_MY_GRACEFUL_docked_at_ Blohm+Voss
    Image no. 17 82m_MY_GRACEFUL_docked_at_ Blohm+Voss
  • 82m_MY_GRACEFUL_after_ launching_ October25_2013
    Image no. 18 82m_MY_GRACEFUL_after_ launching_ October25_2013
  • 82m_MY_GRACEFUL_on_sea_trials_April_2014
    Image no. 19 82m_MY_GRACEFUL_on_sea_trials_April_2014


Blohm+Voss B.V. & Co. KG
Hermann-Blohm-Str. 3 · 20457 Hamburg · Germany

Postal address: 
P.O. Box 10 07 20 · 20005 Hamburg · Germany

Phone: +49 40 3119-0
Fax: +49 40 3119-3333



By public transport, train

  1. Go to »Landungsbrücken« with the underground U-Bahn (U3) or S-Bahn (S1, S2, S3)
  2. Go over the pedestrian bridge to »St. Pauli Elbtunnel«
  3. Walk through the »St. Pauli Elbtunnel« and follow the street on the other side
  4. The Blohm+Voss main entrance is approx. 300 metres away on the right

By harbour ferry: Take Line 75 from »Landungsbrücken«

For departure times, please see the HVV timetable

By public transport, bus

Take Line 156 to station »Steinwerder (Fähre)«
The bus stop is directly across from the Blohm+Voss main entrance

Journey planner HVV Hamburg HPA (Hamburg Port Authority)

By car via the A7 motorway

Coming from Hanover/Bremen or Flensburg:
  1. Exit motorway at »Waltershof« in the direction of »Wilhelmsburg/Hafen/Waltershof«
  2. Continue on »Finkenwerder Straße«
  3. Turn left onto the »Köhlbrandbrücke« bridge
  4. Continue on »Roßdamm«
  5. Continue on the »Ellerholzbrücke« bridge
  6. Continue on »Veddeler Damm« till »Argentinienbrücke«
  7. Turn left onto »Reiherdamm«, sign-posted »STEINWERDER«
  8. Continue on »Hermann-Blohm-Straße«, Blohm+Voss is on the left

By car via the A1 (A255) motorway

Coming from Hanover/Bremen or Lübeck:
  1. Exit in the direction of »HafenCity/Freihafen«
  2. Drive and remain on »Zweibrückenstraße«
  3. Turn right onto »Kirchenpauerstraße«
  4. Turn left onto the »Freihafenelbbrücke« bridge
  5. Continue on: »Rampenstraße«, »Am Moldauhafen«, »Am Saalehafen«
  6. Continue on »Veddeler Damm« till »Argentinienbrücke«
  7. Take the right curve onto »Reiherdamm«, sign-posted »STEINWERDER«
  8. Continue on »Hermann-Blohm-Straße«, Blohm+Voss is on the left

Via the St. Pauli Elbtunnel

For more information and fees, please see the HPA (Hamburg Port Authority) website.

Heli (GPS)

N 53° 32'20" E 9° 57'45"

Map view and route planner in Google Maps Map of directions as PDF document (ca. 3 MB)